Entrance Procedures


※Those who wish to enter a Japanese university or a graduate school

  • Completion of 12 years of formal education
    (Having enough academic ability to enter a university in the applicant’s native country)
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Having Japanese skill equal to or higher than N5 of the JLPT
  • Not having health problems
  • Having ability to pay all the expenses during the applicant’s stay in Japan


Before issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility

  1. Submission of the required documents (below)
  2. The transfer of screening fee (10,000yen) to the bank specified.
  3. School Screening (by a writting test, interviews, and the application documents submitted.)
  4. Issuance of Letter of Admission by IBA
  5. The transfer of admission fee (50,000yen) to IBA
  6. Submission of the documents to the Immigration Bureau of Japan from IBA
  7. Immigration Screening

After issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility

  1. IBA will notify the applicant of the result.
  2. The transfer of tuition fee and others’ fee to IBA
  3. IBA will send the “Certificate of Eligibility” to the applicant after the payment.
  4. Application for a student visa at the local Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s native country
  5. Bring the Letter of Admission form and Passport to IBA after arrival in Japan immediately.

Application Documents

Documents to be prepared by Applicant

  1. Application (form provided by IBA)
    …If there is a blank period in academic record, submit a certificate.
  2. Personal history [Curriculum Vitae] (form provided by IBA)
  3. Certificate of graduation from the last school (original, copy not accepted)
  4. School record for all semesters at the last school graduated [Academic Record] (original)
  5. Certificate of Japanese language learning (original)
    …Issued from the institution that the applicant studied Japanese. It must be written about the course name, the level of the course, period, study contents, attendance rate and textbooks.
  6. Certificate of Japanese language proficiency (more than JLPT:N5, J-TEST:F, NATtest:5)(original)
  7. 7 Photographs (4×3㎝, taken within the last 3 months. Name written on back.)
  8. Copy of your passport and ID card
  9. Copy of applicant’s family register (birth certificate)
  10. Student enrolment certificate and Academic transcript
    …If applicant is currently a student
  11. Occupational certificate, Business license, etc.
    …If applicant is currently anemployee

Documents certifying financial ability of the student

  1. Certificate of payment (original)
    …Be sure to sign.
  2. Proof of the payer’s own balance (original) and Copy of passbook
  3. Occupational certificate (original)
    …written about the work content, position, the start date of employment and employmnent period etc. In the case of self-employed person, submit a business license.
  4. Revenue certificate (original)
    …created at work place
  5. Tax payment certificate (original)
    …Over the past 3 years. Issued from the local government or payer’s company.
  6. ID Card (copy)
  7. Copy of payer’s family register (birth certificate), Notarial Certificate, etc.
    …Need to be the original document authorized with official seal/signature.


※Additional documents may be required for the applicants.

※Documents have to be attached with Japanese translations.

※If April students offer to withdraw the application to enter IBA by 31th March (October students: 30th September), we will refund the payment other than enrollment fee. Please also submit a request of certificate-original-return.

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